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Methods, when used both quantitative and qualitative methods. The thesis has a problem-oriented approach, with the purpose to solve the manufactured problem. The circular process thesis use are selected to theory and knowledge from the field, along the way can change the approach and the result of the thesis. As showcased consisted of data collection both quantitative data collection through survey and experiment, as well as qualitative data collection through focus group and interview, spread over four. The quantitative approach relies heavily on objective Qualitative seo services packages methods will in the thesis only previous analyzes for the quantitative survey methods see.

Section. observations that are based on quantifying all conditions with purpose to try to make these measurable and generalize just, what will be the purpose of the thesis (see. section.). In addition, the Qualitative data collection possibility of examining a subject deeper than the immediate observations, which will be used in addition to the quantitative method. This because the objective seo packages prices is to create accurate and useful results (Richie, ).

Including data collection will be distributed on survey questions. Study Questions wants to build on the literature search (see. Section ). Besides this, there will through questionnaire data be elucidated whether the former showed preference for search results at the top are also present in the Danish market. There has previously been documented possible erroneous attitudes to the search result obtained in the top (prospect ), but the area is still incomplete.

Therefore, in the light of the survey question be conducted a focus group and qualitatively interview in which the following focal point will be discussed: "What does the search location local business seo packages as number, and "(see. Section..). The results of the focus group will be analyzed and combined seo packages prices into a comprehensive list of erroneous attitudes, and this list of erroneous positions will.